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Embryoscope® -Time Lapse Technology

Embryonic development is a dynamic event. Embryologists assess embryonic development at pre-defined time periods. Observations are limited to once or twice a day in order to limit disruption to embryonic growth since the embryos are removed from the incubator and assess under a microcope.

Time-lapse (TL) technology, which takes multiple images of the developing embryos every few minutes allowing continuous observation of embryonic development. TL technology does not compromise embryonic growth as the embryos remain within the incubator.

TL facilitates observation of brief dynamic cellular events that provide indicators of embryo quality. Duration of cell cycle division and synchronicity is used to score embryo quality. It may be used to select embryos with good potential for implantation. These embryos may be replaced first allowing a shorter time to achieving a pregnancy.

TL may also be used to exclude embryos with poor implantation potential, allowing a faster turnaround time for the patients. Patients may choose to go for another cycle of IVF instead.

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