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Assessment and Diagnosis by Reproductive Medicine Sub-specialists

Identify the root cause of the fertility problem is of utmost importance to design appropriate treatment or therapy.

You are advised to arrange a consultation with the specialist prior to commencement of treatment.

With reference to your detail history and results from the physical examination, we will provide you an initial assessment of your condition. Our consultant may also suggest performing some diagnostic studies, which may include tests for hormonal profile, pelvic ultra-sonography, and the tubal patency test (Hysterosalpingogram) and semen analysis. All investigative procedures are available in-house and it can be completed within one natural cycle in a discreet manner.

During your second visit, our doctor will discuss with you the investigation results and suggestions or a treatment plan will be formulated for your specific need.

Embryology Consultants Provide Detailed Analysis
A classical role of an Embryologist is the manipulation of gametes by using sophisticated technologies to increase pregnancy rate. Other than this, a professional clinical embryologist also has a counselling role of explaining the laboratory result of semen analysis, embryo in-vitro fertilization outcome and possible reasons of failure to the patient. The counselling helps the patient to obtain relief from stress and to overcome the anguish from an unsuccessful treatment.

Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology
From the first generation test-tube baby (IVF) to the second generation IVF plus Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), we may also provide the technique called In-vitro-Maturation(IVM) together with IVF for patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO) so to reduce the complication of the Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

Our Services

Psychological Counseling
There was research evidence indicating that when a couple was diagnosed to have fertility problems, the emotional stress they experienced would be no less than those experienced by people who were given the diagnosis of cancer. Sometimes these psychological reactions could lead a couple to delay seeking treatment or become a cause of marital or relational difficulties. If not well managed, it was not uncommon that such stress would express themselves through other psycho-somatic symptoms, or develop into some long term psychological or relational damages. Therefore, timely and appropriate psychological support is crucial at each stage of fertility treatment for couples who are going to embark on the journey of assisted reproduction.
Some people have described that the process of fertility treatment was like riding on a roller-coaster. Every up and down was a soul-stretching trial. Others depicted it as a venture into a deep, unexplored forest. Nobody can tell perfectly sure how windy the trails will be, how long it takes to find the exit, or what the world will look like when you come out of it.
However, all those experiences of gains and losses, success and failure, anxiety and fear, joy and sadness, pain and anger, sweetness and bitterness, admiration and jealousy¡K¡K..are often something unspeakable among the couple¡¦s social circles. Even if they are bold enough to take the risk of disclosure, they may find it hard to be understood or empathized. Yet all these pent up feelings and indecisiveness about treatment options would be made easier if they are given a safe object to confide and an objective space for discussion. The journey would then become a bit lighter and the ending a bit more complete and growth-enhancing.
The role of a counsellor is like a comrade of this adventurous journey, accompanying the couples for their emotional relief and mental navigation when necessary.

Blessed are those who are willing to seek help,
for they are people who know how to love themselves and others.
Blessed are those who can admit their helplessness and vulnerability,
for this is the expression of a fearless soul.
Only if one is willing to make effort in exploration,
such¡¨ investment for the soul¡¨ would promise you a harvest that can never be traded off with money.

Psychosexual Therapy
Though there can be many ways to express intimacy between partners, sexual intimacy has been an indispensable yet frequently overlooked area. Harmonious and gratifying sex life is not just a lubricant for marital life, it is also the catalyst for the creation of new life, the dream baby for many couples. This is the reason why when we are taking care of the reproductive health of men and women, we also value and promote the needs to improve their sexual hygiene. It is not uncommon for natural conception to occur with minimal or no assisted reproductive intervention when a couple¡¦s sexual issue is professionally addressed and resolved. At the same time, we also noticed how fertility treatment could cause interference of various degrees with couples¡¦ sex life, which implied the need for restoration through the help of psychosexual counselling and therapy. Although we share the same wish to see the fulfillment of a dream of parenthood for all couples, the most undesirable outcome for us will be the loss of a partner through emotional divorce or sexless marriage after everything has been done to take a baby home.
For this we strongly encourage couple to seek professional psychosexual counselling and therapy service when there is a felt need before, during and after fertility treatment, no matter how awkward and embarrassing you may feel when taking this bold and worthy step.

Indications of Service¡G

  • Psychogenic infertility/ subfertility related to sexual dysfunctions
  • Psychosexual adjustment related to infertility/ subfertility and assisted reproduction
  • Regulation of couple relationship
Features of Service :
  • Couple and Individual Interviews
  • Confidential
  • Therapist may instruct couple to try assignments at home but will not require the couple to have life demonstration or watch educational materials in the session