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How to become pregnant?
For a couple to achieve a pregnancy, the female partner must have normal ovulation (production of eggs) and the male must produce enough sperms with sufficient motility capable of reaching the egg to initiate the fertilization process. Moreover, the female should have normal mobile fallopian tubes that are able to pick up the egg from the ovary and to provide a clear passage for the sperms to travel to the egg to initiate the fertilization process. The fertilized egg takes about 7 to 8 days to travel down the tube to the uterus (site for embryo implantation).

For fertile couple having regular unprotected sexual intercourse, the chance of pregnancy is around 20% within one ovulatory cycle.

To summarize, for a couple who wants to have a child, the female should have mature eggs, patent fallopian tubes, a healthy uterus and the male should have enough motile sperms in order to achieve pregnancy.