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Union Reproductive Medicine Centre ?V IVF Laboratory
An IVF laboratory plays a critical role in the success of IVF centre. Ideally, an IVF laboratory is set up with three different sections including Embryology, Andrology and Hormonal Laboratory.

Embryology Laboratory  

It performs wide range of IVF procedures including egg collection, in-vitro culture and fertilization, embryo storage and transfer. In addition, advance ART technology of ICSI and laser assisted hatching enhanced pregnancy outcome. All the above procedures required strictly laboratory quality control and quality assurance system in place.

Andrology Laboratory  

It performs a wide range of diagnostic tests including semen analysis, sperm washing for intrauterine insemination (IUI), the preparation of sperm for IVF insemination. Sperm freezing and storage are provided to patient when fresh sample is not available.


Hormonal laboratory




All hormonal tests are performed by Union Hospital Pathology Laboratory which in proximity to the RMC IVF laboratory. The four common hormones of follicular-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), prolactin (PRL) are usually needed for doctor to monitor patients' respond to IVF treatment and make adjustment as necessary.

A successful IVF laboratory requires a good infrastructure including interior laboratory design and air quality control. In addition, staffing with experienced Embryologist and IVF clinicians is essential to perform all IVF procedures. The staffing level should be in proportion to the volume of workload.

Union Reproductive Medicine Centre is next to the operation theatre and located within hospital premises. The reason is because IVF laboratory air quality is significantly affected by its surrounding air environment. Our IVF laboratory is designed and facilitated with positive pressure which restricts the entry of outside polluted air affecting the embryo development, as polluted air has had clinically significant negative impact on pregnancy outcome.

IVF laboratory is different from other clinical laboratories. It requires special environmental condition and a team member of professional Embryologist and IVF subspecialist to perform all the IVF procedures. It includes egg collection, sperm preparation, in-vitro insemination and embryo transfer. The surplus embryo may be frozen and stored for future use.

URMC IVF laboratory is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art IVF equipments. It allows more precise and accurate assessment to select the best quality embryo for transfer which has significantly positive impact on pregnancy rate. Following are some advance IVF equipment installed in RMC IVF laboratory:

Micromanipulator System
( use for performing ICSI )

Octax Laser Shot
( use for assisted hatching of zona pellicida )


PolarAide Oocyte Spindle View Assessment
( use for assessing oocyte quality )


To ensure frozen gametes survival, RMC IVF laboratory is the only IVF centre in Hong Kong to have installed a complete computer-controlled LN2 alarm system to protect frozen gametes from damage during storage. This alarm system allows us to monitor all freezing gametes continuously for 24 hours daily. The alarm is able to alert laboratory staff via SMS, email or telephone. It ensures all embryos are safe in the storage tank LN2 level is maintained at an optimum level at all time.

Embryo Freezing Chamber with LN2 Transfer device

LN2 Monitoring System


In addition, to ensure a smooth freezing process, RMC laboratory has installed two units of freezing chambers with a good back-up system. A total of three units of Laminar Flow Hood are installed in RMC IVF laboratory to ensure all IVF procedures are performed under a strictly sterile environment.

3 Set Laminar Flow Hood


In terms of air quality control, both the RMC IVF laboratory and the operation theatre are installed with high efficiency particular air (HEPA) filter and carbon filter. Additionally, to maximize the sterility within the IVF laboratory, there are additional two air purifiers operating 24 hours a day. With installation of all the above modern air filtration system and high level of air purification, RMC laboratory is maintained an excellent air quality control with a less hostile environment and minimal contamination from outside air pollution.

ZIVF Air Filtration/Purification System

IQ Air Cleanroom